Specialist Services

Individual Training Programs

 Complete Periodised Training Programs can be tailored to meet your specific needs. The programs take in to account the three areas of development including

  • Technical/Tactical,
  • Physical and
  • Psychological

You wouldn’t set off on a car trip to an unknown destination without first consulting a road map. Nor should you approach your tennis development without having the correct building blocks in place. Identifies phases of competition and development with a view to accelerated learning

At IQ Tennis we can offer you program planning to meet your annual tennis agenda. This includes identifying competitions and venues, court surfaces, training regime and pre preparation requirements. This service is for the dedicated tennis player not necessarily professional who enjoys the commitment but needs assistance in the planning of all training and logistical considerations. This can include local, national or international programming all individually customized to meet your needs. This service incorporates a full learning and design practice to ensure that you are always on track but flexible enough to adjust as your needs change.